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(E'Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek)

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NOTE: On May 28, 2012 The MCEO Speakers Contracts for Speakers 2 & 3 were permanently suspended and are no longer recognized as legitimate by the MCEO AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils.



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E'Asha Asha'yana AneA'yhea Ka'nanda Melchizedek (E’Asha Ashayana) Speaker-1 is the founder of ARhAyas Productions, LLC, author, host, international speaker and instructor of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Workshop Series, author of the “Voyagers Series” and “Angelic Realities” books (1999 and 2001 Granite Publishing USA), the Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System®, the Tangible Structure of the Soul

Accelerated Bio-spiritual Evolution CD Program, the Masters Templar Planetary Stewardship Initiative Course- book, and the Amenti Life Empowerment Videos.

Born in northeastern Pennsylvania, raised in traditional Protestant and Catholic Christian perspective, E’Asha Ashayana experienced “Conscious Birthing” as an “Indigo Child,” with open reincarnational memory since birth. At the age of seven she was chosen for a 12-year (1971-1983) course of private MCEO Elementary-Intermediate training from the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Eieyani Priests of UR of Kauai, Hawaii, in MCEO Emerald Covenant studies and translation of the ancient Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates. (“CDT-Plates” are a set of 12 relic ancient holographic data-recorded discs that digitally store massive amounts of pre-ancient data, reportedly held for many generations since pre-Atlantian times in protective custody of the Eieyani Priests - details in Voyagers Volume-1: The Sleeping Abductees, 2001 2nd Edition). Following a NDE (Near-Death-Experience) at age 18, E’Asha Ashayana redirected her focus from the pursuit of studio art and a Psychology degree, to fulfilling a humanitarian spiritual service commitment, engaging full-time MCEO study, while working professionally as a freelance Studio Portrait Artist and in the Theater Management and Commercial Printing industries.

E’Asha Ashayana entered the Eieyani Priests MCEO Masters Course at the age of 20, receiving intensive MCEO Ministerial training from 1984-1996 through frequent engagements with the Eieyani Priests of Kauai, completing a rigorous 12-year Masters CDT-Plate training course and 6th-Degree (of 6) MCEO Ministerial Ordination (Ekr. MCEO). Her MCEO training includes the “Inner Christos/Krystos Law of One” Spiritual Tradition, extensive Pre-ancient History studies, Kathara Core Template Healing applications, Keylontic (matter-template) Science, Scalar-wave and Time Mechanics, 15-Dimensional Physics, and Masters Spiritual Actualization training featuring advanced Merkaba/ DNA Template/ Kundalini/ Ascension sciences and Planetary Templar (Template) mechanics. In 1996 E’Asha Ashayana accepted appointment from the Eieyani Priests of Kauai to serve as Eieyani MCEO Speaker-1, holding the first Eieyani MCEO CDT-Plate Speaker's Contract (publication endorsement for MCEO CDT-Plate and texts translation), and completing an additional two years of MCEO Speakers training. Previously known by her birth name in this lifetime, Diana Kathryn, or “Katie,” in 1998 she began public use of the ancient Eieyani language translation of her name.

E’Asha Asha'yana focus in her commission as AMCC -MCEO Speaker-1 — and in her work as author and teacher is to assist the GA-MCEO– Krystal River Guardians in their Earth-mission of keeping the potentials of genuine Ascension viable and accessible for contemporary humanity; to return to humanity the Sacred Knowledge and Truth of the CDT-Plates and KUmA’-yah Al-humbra Crystal Discs through accurate and accessible translation; to foster awareness, personal empowerment, Spiritual Actualization and genuine Love, Freedom and Enlightenment among “all life everywhere;” and to lovingly assist all who care, to joyfully fulfill the unique purposes of healing and education for which they incarnated in this lifetime — so they may finally know peace and reclaim their Ancient Birthright of Eternal Life Ascension.

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