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Voyagers II

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September 25, 2010

About this word

In relation to a much longer cycle of history in which the transition of  humanity evolved through time periods marked by advanced civilization and high technological achievements are called "Worlds".

The coming "end times" ascension cycle (2000-2017) is viewed as a transition from what is know as the Fourth World to the Fifth World.

WORLD ONE: 560,000,000-550,750,000 years ago. The Alania and Lumia of Tara, before the fall to HU-1 (Harmonic Universe-1)

(Voyagers II Page 462)  

The Turaneusiam-1 or T-1 experiment The Master race of beings created approximately 560 million years ago, upon the planet Tara.

(Voyagers II Page 10)

WORLD TWO: 250,000,000-25,000,000 years ago. The five Cloister Races of the 12 Tribes seeded on Parallel Earth.

WORLD THREE: 25,000,000-5,500,000 years ago. The first seeding of the 12 Tribes on Earth. The five Cloister Races and Root Race Three: Lumanians, and Four: Alanians. Ended via Electric Wars.

WORLD FOUR: 3,700,000 years ago to present. The second seeding 3,700,000-848,000 years ago, Root Races Three: Lamanians, Four: Atlanians and Five: Ayrians and their Cloister Races. Ended via The Thousand-Year War.

The Third Seeding 75,000 years ago to present, Root Races Three: Lemurians, Four: Atlanteans and Five: Aryans and their Cloisters.

Welcome to the FIFTH WORLD!

Between 5/5/2000-2017 Earth will make its transition from the present Fourth World of the D-3 time cycle, into the Fifth World of the Bridge Zone and Taran ascension time cycles.

Population of the Bridge Zone Earth will rise to face a new dawn of evolution within the new Fifth World of enlightenment, progress and achievement.

Those on Phantom Earth will not make the transition and will remain within the digressing Fourth World evolutionary cycle of a Descending Planet in D-3 time continuum.

(Voyagers II Page 462)  

Because of the Guardians efforts, Earth is now prepared to receive its Stellar Activation. (SAC)

During the past seven 26,556-year Euiago cycles, Earth has been unable to successfully link with the Stellar Spirals to achieve Stellar Activations.

Earth is now approaching the end of its eighth Euiago Cycle, which would naturally occur in 4230 AD, at the close of the present ascension cycle. Earth and the human lineage have been trapped in the HU-1 time cycles for 210,216 years to date.

The coming period of Stellar Activations has not been available to or witnessed by members of the present lineage of the human race, which began with the Third Seeding of the Root Races 75,000 years ago.

This opportunity and the challenges it will present are available to the current generations of humans.

The events that will occur on and with the molecular and bio-energetic structure of Earth during the 2000/2017 AD Stellar Activation Cycle are unprecedented in recorded human history.

(Voyagers II Page 468)  









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