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Engaging the God Languages - Module Handbook

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September 25, 2010

About this word
(Trinity Code - Eye of the Elohei)

The Tri-Veca or Trinity Code and Bi-Veca Code represent the mathematical coding releases for time continua.

The tonic translation, or the pure tonal signature of density 5, represented by the Tri-Veca Code is Ha' Sha, and the corresponding tone we use to activate this code is "Kee' Ra Sha Ha' Sha."

The Bi-Veca code releases two time continua into each other and the Tri Veca is the code that can take those and link them into Inner Earth and are they visual translations of the mathematical coordinates of the Bridge Zone time vector.



The Tri-Veca  - High Veca Code 2


The Tri-Veca represents a specific mathematical program that allow bio-fields and planetary grids to open up pillars of frequency between here, Inner Earth, and the meajhe time cycle.

The eyeball part of the Tri-Veca code, the Trinity Code, is the transharmonic conversion point, the Eye of Elohei, the place which connects to the middle time zone, the Inner Earth time zone which leads up to the Shield of Aramatena area in Density-4

(Engaging the God Languages - Module Handbook Page 5)









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