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Voyagers II
Cosmic Clock Module Handbook
Kathara 1 - Dublin 2001

Time Continuum
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September 25, 2010

About this word

(6 Time Vectors)

Each of the six 4,426 years smaller cycles within one a 26,556-year Euiago Harmonic Time cycle through which a planet evolves through the 3-dimensional bands of one Harmonic Universe (HU).

One Time Continuum = 6 Time Vectors = 1.25 deg. Shift

Of the six time continua in a 26,556-year Euiago cycle, four time continua represent forward-moving tracks of time called Pardo, and two represent counter-rotating tracks of time called Reiago, in which the planet passes through the parallel universe.

A Planet progression through one time continuum creates a 45° shift in the angular rotation of particle spin (ARPS), or 1/8 of a full 360° rotation of particles, thus one continuum represents one Octave.

One Octave = a 4,426-year track of time.

One dimension contains 2 time continua, or two Octaves,

A planet progression through one dimension creates a 90° shift (2 shifts of 45°) in the ARPS, or one-fourth of a full 360° rotation, thus one dimension represents one Harmonic Quadrant.

One Quadrant = an 8,852-year track of time.

Three dimensions = 3 Quadrants = 6 Octaves (Time continua) = one Harmonic Universe (HU).

One Harmonic Universe (HU) = a 26,556-year track of time = one Euiago.

(Voyagers II – Page 146)

The Planet exists within each of the six time continua simultaneously, through the synchronization of particle pulsation speed and angular rotation of spin (ARPS) within each of the time continua.

These process give the consciousness perceiving the third dimension the illusion of passage through linear time. In actuality, time is not linear, but simultaneous.

(Voyagers II – Page 147)

(See: Space-Time)

Time Cycles of our planetary system have specific names, degrees of shift and number of years associated with them:

  One Time Continuum = 6 Time Vectors = 1.25 deg. Shift  
  One Euiago  = 6 Continuum = 7.5 deg. Shift  
  One Eyugha = 6 Euiago = 45 deg. Shift  
  4 Eyugha = 24 Euiago = 4 45 deg. Shifts  
  4 Eyugha of PCM = one 12 cycle = PCM Eyardo = 180 deg. Shift  
  4 Eyugha of PKA = one 12 cycle = PKA Eyado = 180 deg. Shift  
  One Eyana Cycle = one PCM Eyardo plus one PKA Eyado = 360 deg.shift.  

(Cosmic Clock Module Handbook)

The way time is structured, layered out like space there are probabilities, which means there’s various different time vectors of the same set of events that can get in a varieties of different ways.

The way that is the fulfilment of you and your Christos Self of fulfilling your Heroic Potential, your Divine Blueprint is called the Heroic Path. Then there’s a whole bunch of sets of different ways that through your free will choice, you could end up with a different outcome than what the Christos potential was.

(Kathara 1 - Dublin 2001 – DVD 01 - 01:09)







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