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Voyagers I

Soul Integration    
Last update:
September 25, 2010

About this word

The first step in awakening multi-dimensional identity is to bring the Soul Matrix (the HU-2 Superconscious Mind) into conscious recognition (“I am…”) within the biologically focused personality. This process is called Soul Integration.

Within the process of Soul Integration you are primarily dealing with 4 components of Mind.

1)  The Subconscious Mind of Dimension 1 (D-1) frequency bands.

2)  The Instinctual or Emotional Mind of Dimension 2 (D-2) frequency bands.

3)  The Reasoning Mind of Dimension 3 (D-3) frequency bands, and

4)  The Superconscious Mind of dimensions 4 through 6 (D4-D5-D6) of the Soul Matrix gestalt.

Soul Integration comes with conscious assimilation of these 4 Components of Mind.

(See: Family Tree of Consciousness)

(Voyagers I – Page 137)








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