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Cosmic Clock - Module Handbook

Rod & Staff       
Last update:
September 25, 2010

About this word

An important part of our Kristiac anatomy is known as the Rod and Staff.

There is much fascinating history on our planet having to do with the physical tools known as the Rod and Staff, that were once used to open Star Gates here on Earth, but a more fundamental understanding of the Rod and Staff has to do with actual tangible aspects of our unseen anatomy.

The Staff is the North central vertical column (axis) of the Kathara Grid and the Merkaba field of our large vertical Parameter field or Rishic Shield.

The Rod is a column of frequency that spins on the horizontal, Harmonic Shield and as spins it brings frequency into our personal shields which we experience the manifest hologram.

In our PCM Time Matrix system the Rod spins CCW and as it spins it brings frequency into the horizontal, Harmonic Shields out from the Monadic Center Flame point through the shield and into the template giving us the holographic perception of passing of Time.

There is a direct connection between the Rods and Staffs of Kristiac Systems. As energy circulates there is an energetic interaction between the Rod of one system and the vertical Staff of another. (See: Deflection Fields)

(Cosmic Clock - Module Handbook Page 11)

(See: Staff of Amenti)








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