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The Amenti Series 1 Classes
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Partika (PKA)
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September 25, 2010

About this word

One of the 6 primary elements in the Science of Keylonta and one of two types of sub particles that are formed from the Partiki.

A Partika (an Ultra-Micro Particle) has a base electrical  transmitting energy.

The Partika is a Partiki unit but these are anti-particles of the particles that we are composed of. This implies the existence of a parallel universe, and therefore a parallel self. Partika-Partiki vibrates twice as fast as the Particum-Partiki units. These two universes are intimately intertwined, they are taking place in the same space put on different pulsating rates of consciousness, so we perceive one set of pulses here but we dont see the other and vice-versa. 

The other Partiki sub particle are called Particum. (PCM

(The Amenti Series 1 Classes - DVD 1)

A Partiki sub-units that pulsate the fastest and appear in conjunction with the Particum, are called Partika and they set the pulsation rhythm through which Partiki units will group to form the anti-particles manifestation within the Unified Fields of the 15-dimensional Matrix.

Together with the Particum they are the energetic substances, through which the base electro-magnetism that keeps the universe and parallel universe in motion is manufactured,

(Voyagers II Page 453) 







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