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Voyagers I
Angelic Realities

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September 25, 2010

About this word

Visitors from elsewhere who hold agendas that are detrimental to the evolution of humans. (See: UIR, Earth Drama)

(Voyagers I Page xxvi)

Disruptive groups of Extra Terrestrials that have and are visiting our planet in hope of figuring out a way to disrupt your progression and manipulate you away from the true purpose for which you have come. (Your natural progression to enlightenment - Ascension)

Some of these disrupting groups of intruders are:  

Sirian Annunnaki
Dracos (Drakon and Human Hybrid)
Zephelium (Administrators of Zeta)
Zeta Reticuli and Zeta Grey-Rigelian
Rutilia (Zeta and Dracos Hybrid, or EBE*)

* EBE: Extraterrestrial Biological Entity

(See: Fallen Angelics, Archangel Michael, Alpha-Omega Alliance, Illuminati)

(Voyagers I Page lv) 

In terms of your "alien" visitors, or extraterrestrials, we are referring specifically to those visitors who approach your reality from within the Time Portal System, that is, they are not interdimensional so much as they are inter-time, emanating from different time coordinates within your 3-dimensional interstellar system.

There are seven cultures (world cultures and their various sub-cultures) within your three-dimensional Time Portal System who posses the knowledge and technology necessary to interact with Earth and approach your reality through the Time Portals.

Two of those cultures are primarily responsible for those visitations: The Zeta Reticuli (Intruders) and the Rhanthunkeana (Ranthia) (Guardians).

(Voyagers I Page 8)

Presently interacting with Earth through Illuminati covert operations, physical abductions, "channeled" and telepathic subtle contact methods are two competing "Intruder" visitor groups.

Both presently work with competing factions of human Illuminati governments. Both seek dominion of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates and human subjugation.

Group 1: Black Sun Agenda: Digressive reptilian Drakonian & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-10 Fallen Seraphin.
  Kurendara Nibiruian Orange-skinned "Grays" Dracos-Zeta-Anunnaki hybrids (Dracos); Drakon Orion bipedal "Dragons"; Omicron "Dragon-Moth-people" Orion Drakonian-fallen Seraphin hybrids; Odedicron "Beetle insectoid" Andromeda Drakonian-fallen Annu-Elohim hybrids.

Dracos-reptilian strain; Zeta Administrators. Zephelium Blues; Zeta Gray Rigelian, Rutilia or "E.B.E" (Zeta-Dracos hybrid)


Group 2: Belil Sun Agenda: Digressive Anunnaki & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-11 fallen Annu-Elohim.
  Human looking Pleiadian-Human-Nibiruian-Anunnaki hybrid "Blondes"; Nibiruian-Sirian Nephilim Anunnaki-humans (Sirian-Anunnaki); Andromite and Arcturian "Dolphin People" and from inner Earth, Necromiton "Men in Black" Dracos-Anunnaki hybrids and disgressive Rama Mixed Human Cloister Races running "space brother" covert One-World-Order manipulations.

(See: UIR)

Who are the Intruder Visitors and where do they come from?

Visitors were called "Angels" in ancient texts; today they are called "ETs". Angels and ETs are the same interdimensional, interstellar races.

Visitors come from a variety of different matter density levels within the 15-dimensional Time Matrix.

To understand the locations from which Visitors emerge, it is necessary to understand the basic structure of the Universal Manifestation Template.

(Angelic Realities Page xxxi)








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