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High Veca Codes: 

(See: Veca Codes, Symbols , Geomancies)

The High Veca Codes, also called the “I AM” or “Immanuyana Sequence” are very specific Symbol Codes, each possessing corresponding Sound Tones called Arieas. These correspond to the Cosmic, Galactic, Planetary & Personal Trion-Meajhe Field Radial Body levels.

Together with their corresponding ManU Codes, these are known as the “Sacred Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”.  These Codes are those by which we genuinely open our fields to the Primal Life Force Currents called Source/ God (or Yunasai).

The process of Personal Induction, and subsequent embedding, is a profound process of healing and multi-dimensional consciousness/ identity expansion.  The process invokes essential Merkaba correction, and directly assists in meaningful activation the higher level Merkaba’s.

The ‘Bi’ and ‘Tri’ Veca Codes (Universal Codes of Immanuel) facilitate the opportunity to open ones personal fields to the first levels of PLC’s – Primal Life Currents - (Kee-Ra-ShA – Primal Light Fields), and the Khu, Dha and Rha Vecas (Cosmic Codes of Immanuyana) extend this process into the Primal Sound Fields (Khundaray). Coupled with the Eckasha, ManU, and related Codes, these “Keys” are Universal Navigational Tools enabling the serious and diligent student to insure that personal ascension efforts will be massively enhanced, focused and aligned with Divine Right Order.

Corresponding Workshop and Code Release schedule:   

Bi & Tri Veca – Sarasota 09/ 01
Khu Veca - Allentown – 10/ 01
Dha & Rha Veca – Sarasota 11/ 01
Eckasha – Peru 01/ 02  - Yunasai - The Universal God-Seed Code
Iahaia ManU Code – Sarasota 03/ 02

Further Codes will be added during classes throughout 2003/ 4.

Code Properties:  

The Bi-Veca Code is from Density-4, Dimensions 10-11-12.
CALLED:  Mu A’ va. 
TONE:  Ma ha ra’ta Mu A’ va.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Right Foot Bottom.  
The Tri-Veca Code is from Density-5, Dimensions 13-14-15.
CALLED: Ha’ Sha. 
TONE:  Kee’ Ra ShA Ha Sha. 
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Left Foot Bottom. 

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MRWSCF is the Answer that holds the personal keys to our JOY and FREEDOM.   It’s fundamental to the process of setting ourselves free enough to ‘feel’ Source, and thus our special working relationship and purpose or contract.”   (Speaker 2, 28 Feb 2005)











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