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God Source: 

(God - God Mind - ONENESS)

The Eternal Force, Heart-Mind of God, is an unquantifiable construct of energy, consciousness, cognition and identity. (See: Yunasai)

Pure, sentient, creative force. This force perpetually expands through new manifestations of itself though it remains perpetually the same. (See: Krist Code)

This is so, since the perpetual expansion of creation is balanced eternally by reciprocal contraction - eternal stillness, the Great Void.

The Force contains within itself, as a natural attribute of its being, a balance between stillness and motion, expansion, contraction, order and chaos, darkness and light, creation and the void... within which creation takes place.

Together, these attributes represent the eternal state of "Is-ness"; without end, the very Beingness of God.

Through this state the Cosmos is kept in perpetual balance, eternal stillness, eternal motion, and unending creation.

In the process of perpetual Evolution, particularly in relation to human consciousness, the intended path held within the Seed of Consciousness, is the reintegration of identity for the eventual return to At-One-Ment and co-creatorship with God Source.

(See: ManU, Yunasai, Law of One)

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Lecture Transcripts. Page 8)

God-Source expresses ALL Creation WITHIN ITSELF, the framework for manifestation of Time Matrices and Universes is NOT EXTERNAL to God-Source, it is INTERNAL.

ALL Creation resides WITHIN God-Source and God-Source resides WITHIN ALL Creation.

(See: God Worlds)

All Creation takes place WITHIN the consciousness of God and thus separation from God can only exist as the illusion of limited perception and forgetfulness of our original Source.

God-Source sets creation in motion through perpetually engaging part of its awareness in Vibrational Downstepping, by which the Cosmic Eternal Life Creation is formed.

On one level Source manifests as electrical expanding, oscillating currents and on the next level the currents of Source deflect to become opposite magnetic contracting or vibrating currents. (See: Deflection Field)

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation. Page 23)

When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain set of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is Phase Locked.


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