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Festival of Light - UK 2006
Phoenix Workshop Sept/Oct 2005
(Cosmic Clock Module Handbook)

Eckasha-Aah Universe   
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September 25, 2010

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(God Worlds)

The God Worlds are composed of different Domains.

The Godworlds of the Outer Domain or manifest worlds - Outer Worlds - (where we reside) emerge form the Middle Domain, and the Middle Domains emerge form the Inner Domains (Inner Hub Worlds) which in turn emerge form the Core of Creation.

This is a movement in and out from the Core of Creation as opposed to the up and down movement within our Star Gates.

(Cosmic Clock Module Handbook)

The levels closest to God/Source is known as the Eckasha-Aah Universe or God World.

1 Eckasha Aah God World = 4 Eckasha-A Spectra = Level 4 Eckasha-Ash Body

1 Eckasha-A Spectra = 4 Eckasha Corridors = Level 3 Eckasha-A Body

1 Eckasha Corridor = 4 Ecka Worlds = Level 2 Eckasha Body

1 Ecka Worlds = 4 Veca Universes = Level 1 Ecka-Veca Body

1 Veca Universe = 4 15 Dimensional Time Matrices. (4 Quadrants)

(See: Cosmic Structure)  

God Worlds

These 4 levels (from the Ecka-Veca body to the Eckasha-AaH body) are called the 4-level Eukatharaista Body. (Living Creation-Manifestation Matrix)

(See: Stairway to Heaven Graphic)

Each world level has a Particum (PCM) side and its corresponding Twin Parallel Partika (PKA) side. (Twin Systems)


Our Universe Location is:

  Eckasha-A Spectra: 3 (our Eckasha)
  Eckasha Corridor: 4     (our Ecka)
  Ecka World: 4 (our Veca)
  Veca Quadrant: 4 (our PCM Time Matrix)
  Density Level: 1 (our holographic Reality Field)

(Whispers of the Rasha Reish A - Phoenix Workshop Sept/Oct 2005)

Where we exist is considered the Outer Domain Worlds as we exist in the last steps of manifestation. 

There are also the Middle Domain Worlds, the Inner Domain Worlds and the Core Domain of Creation.

(Festival of Light - UK 2006)

Due to Partiki Phasing, through which each Partiki creates a Particum (PCM) and a parallel Partika (PKA) unit, each of the God Worlds has a Particum side as well as a parallel (at 90) Partika side.

Every Veca Universe has a parallel Veca Universe. Every Ecka World has a parallel Ecka World, an so on.

Our Time Matrix corresponds to the Particum (PCM) side which has a corresponding parallel Partika (PKA) Time Matrix in our Veca System.


The Eckasha Aah AhaLaah' - Body of the First Manifest Eternal Consciousness Body of the "Outer World" Creation Domains.

It emerges from the Inner Yunasai ReshA-Aah 1st Hub of First Creation. The contains 15 Yunasum Cells, the First 15 spherical Domains of Outer First Creation.

The Eckasha Aah AhaLaah' - Body is known as the "Body of the Krist", "the first Sun of God-Source", as it represents the first outer manifest Krystallisation of God-Force Consciousness into electro-magnetic radiation "aware-ised eternal energy" expression.

(Whispers of the Rasha Reish A - Phoenix Workshop Sept/Oct 2005)







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