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Amenti Project: 

The Amenti Project is a GLOBAL OUTREACH project and provides a comprehensive introduction to Keylontic Science, the Science of LIGHT, SOUND and CREATION.
Keylontic Science is part of an ancient body of teachings called the Freedom Teachings and contains information that creates a meeting point between Science and Spirituality.
If you are interested in Consciousness Studies, New Age or Traditional Spirituality, Ascension, Quantum Physics theory, DNA Activation, Visitors Issues or Holistic Living paradigms....
....you are warmly invited to participate in the Amenti Project here.


Do ETs exist? Are we ALONE in this universe?
What is the TRUE HISTORY of the Human Race?
How is the Universe created? How are our BODIES created?
How is our body connected to the Soul, the Earth and the Universe?
If YOU have been asking these kinds of questions and are interested in finding some answers...
....you are warmly invited to participate in the Amenti Project here.



The primary focus is to be concerned with being at peace with finding out who you really are, what you really need/prefer, and being as much of that glorious self as you possibly can, liking every crazy situation, person and circumstance that you, and you alone, have created for yourself with which to grow (if you so choose).  Then, you could say with all passion and meaning that your relationship with Source truly does come first…and all else will flow, fearlessly, from that.”   (Speaker 2, 28 Feb 2005)











If you are not a Keylontic Science student yet please go to Azuritepress.com     


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