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Aethien are not organic to your three-dimensional frequency band (see: HU) nor they are from parallel or adjacent Earths. Rather they originate from galaxies existing within the dimensions of adjacent Earths, which places them in our interdimensional/extraterrestrial category.

They represent a species superior to that of the Zeta, and come as emissaries of peace and growth toward brotherhood of all species.

Often appearing with the Zeta are the tall skeletal-like beings that upon closer inspection resemble in structure your earthly preying mantis insect.

These being are usually whitish or golden in color and can stand up to twelve feet tall.

The Aethien always work as teachers.

(Voyagers I – Page 9)


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“You have the ability to become free and powerful, loving and wise.  Rediscover this promise. Reclaim your power as co-creators within the universal scheme and use it now, while so much hangs in the balance, awaiting the outcome of your individual and collective choices.”   (Voyagers 2)











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